Safe Hands Kenya- TibaNiSisi
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Safe Hands Kenya- TibaNiSisi

Safe Hands Kenya- TibaNiSisi

The Problem: COVID-19 risk is highest in low-income communities
with limited sanitation – and social distancing will not work.
There are vulnerable communities across Kenya, as well as “hot spot”
risk areas that could cause a rapid rise in COVID-19 infections.

The solution: Rapid mass sanitation and personal protection via a
three-pronged approach.

Why do this: We can bolster our fight vs. COVID-19, with both
immediate- and longer-term benefits
Masks further limit COVID-19 spread by providing a greater degree of
protection during unavoidable interactions.

Objectives: Provide products immediately – at no cost – and with
depth and breadth of reach.

Value Chain: Direct existing suppliers to fast-track production of soaps,
sanitizer, disinfectants – then move it quickly via multiple channels
Safe Hands Kenya aims to reach ~16.5M people in the most vulnerable
communities with monthly product cost of ~$8M USD
We will ensure that our Safe Hands Kenya products are produced and
distributed for their intended use. Discussions with Government have
generated significant support and alignment to support fast-track rollout of
Safe Hands Kenya.

Governance structure and systems: We have assembled a team to
coordinate efforts across the project for the duration of the crisis.