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Forbes Africa – Leading Women Summit

“Jack of too many trades”

They’ve called her

“Tone down your ambition”

They’ve insinuated


Little did they know, each time,

They fueled the fire some more, inside

Every day – she’s inspired to grow

To reach high and touch the sky


More and more, she sees her inner light

She discovers parts of the treasure hidden her soul


Too many times,

The world has asked her to settle – for less than she is worth

To stop climbing the mountains in life’s path

To step back – like a ‘proper woman’ should

To sacrifice her passions

To be – a shadow of herself.


Too many times,

Self-doubt has threatened to consume her

To swallow her spirit whole…

Her confidence – brought down to its knees

The possibilities – blurred from her sight

Voices in her head – saying she had nothing worthwhile

To speak or write

Made her hide her words

Under the excuse that she was not yet ready…

Numbed by fear

Afraid to step boldly into her power.


But as dawn is sure – to break from night

So did the heaven’s place guiding stars

In her path – in form of women

Who truly saw & chose her

Who loved & invested in knowing her

Who heard & held her


No matter which way the wind blew – or waves went



These women spoke life

Into the broken parts of her.

These women rescued her

From the paralyzing self-contempt

In which so many of us are conditioned to normalize

These women cheered her

As she walked in the opposite direction

Of the limitations which, far too often

Have been written into the fate – of the African girl child.


These women pour into her

Like an eternal fountain of strength.


She finds new levels, each day,

Of courage, generosity and hope

New reasons to believe

That the story she is living is worth more – than one that is handed down


She is reminded, each day, of the women

Who wrote & sang & led before her

Daughters of the motherland’s womb

Now ancestors –

In whose sweet scent she is firmly grounded.


She has followed her heart

To countless stages

Woven stories into poetic verse

Touched souls of all ages

She has gifted people and places with word

Only to realize

That she had been gifted – with the magic

Of bringing people together

In true African spirit.


Little did they know, when they questioned her

That they fueled the fire some more – inside

Every day – she’s inspired to rise


To dig deeper and draw from her roots.


Sprouting from her fears

She finds new versions of her voice

And seeks to help others find theirs

She strives to be a stepping-stone

Toward realized dreams

Of young African girls – determined to move the world with their brilliance


Believe me when I say,

“The African girl child will dance and sing and wear her crown high

She will claim her rightful place – in history

So be prepared!

Stand ready

To un-write her erasure

And re-write her glory in its light!”


Believe me when I tell you

This is a dream she knows in within reach

She has felt it

And longs for that bright day.

She has read about it in our foremothers’ tales

This is not a fairy tale –

It is – our birthright!


These are the words of an East African Queen

The story of Rwanda’s child

A reflection of the many diamonds

Which are the continent’s women


She is all of us – wrapped in one.

She is I – Natasha Muhoza

Poet – Storyteller – Lawyer

An eternally, indescribably PROUD African woman!



~NM~ Natasha Muhoza