Karen Medival English Cottage
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Karen Medival English Cottage

The Karen Cottage-At risk foundation of a 1942 Medieval English Cottage nestled in Karen Kenya. The house was built for a Dr Scott, appointed the Chief Medical Doctor to Nairobi. The property is a 3.5 bedroom cottage on top of a ridge of 40acres near a river. 

Characteristic of the Medieval English Cottage are large chimneys, centrally placed, rough cut stones often encircling or decorating the door. The facade has a small uncovered porch leading to a round headed door. Sets of narrow windows, diamond or rectangular shapes. 

The home had damage to the facades, the ironmongery water downpipes and gutters. Large tar shading ledges also were bearing damage from the elements. 

We rehabilitated the foundation with traditional and English restoration engineering techniques. The repair of the mortar in-between the stones facades was studied to be identical aggregate mix similar to the contraction methods employed during the colonial period. The cast iron gutters were brushed and preserved with a variety of techniques  that maintained the surface protection and aesthetic quality.