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We exist to deliver the nexus between urban conflict,
climate change and innovation.


Mambo Heritage is building sustainable futures anchored in humanity and innovation.
We are redesigning, rebuilding, and restoring the cultural, political, and economic relationships around regeneration, land preservation, and conservation.

We utilize the adaptable tools of anthropology, technology, and  blockchain to build equitable solutions for climate change.

Because we understand that communities are living ecologies and their heritage survives when their economies thrive, we know that the intrinsic value of heritage can be measured and used as a stimulus for localized long-term prosperity.




Digitization of cultural heritage can be a crucial tool in today’s efforts towards the decolonization, conservation, renovation, study, and promotion of cultural resources. Digital heritage is made up of computer-based materials of enduring value that should be kept for future generations web-readiness.


Current and past developments such as the changing vision on the narrative of heritage from an exclusive ‘ubstantiar to a more anthropological perspective and the changing meaning of it from a topdown to a bottomup ‘right to heritage imply a shift in heritage paradigms. An innovative and strategic reflection on heritage research and an interdisciplinary approach is required.


Archives are the documented memory of the nation. Archives inform the future by helping us to learn from the past. Archives serve as documentary evidence of the individuals or governments that created them. As such, citizens have a right to review such records to learn more about their national heritage.



We appreciate cultural diversity and the wisdom in its practices. To scale the adoption of regenerative practices in the communities we engage in, we will base our simple, sensible, low risk and incentivised approaches on validated generational practices instead of data-based metrics


We believe in transformational adaptation and the ability to shift social-ecological strategies to anticipate and guide regeneration, preservation, and conservation.


We know that path shifting will help us lay the groundwork, but blockchain integration with a primary focus on women and children will help us make climate action an everyday priority.


Innovation At the heart of our organization is a commitment to heritage, beauty, and legacy. We are architects of sustainable futures.


Mambo Heritage is a passionate group of designers, thinkers, and beauty seekers, driven to encourage legacy and culture awareness for tangible impact. We value Resilience, Solidarity, Connectivity, and Sustainability.


We are embarking on a land regeneration project in the Tana and Athi River Basins of Kenya. The Basins have exceptional resource value including, but not limited to water, arable land, forests, wildlife, and minerals. This presents an excellent opportunity for socio-economic development and ecosystem restoration.

The TARDA Project will therefore restore 13,800,000-hectares of land in nineteen (19) Kenyan counties. It will prioritize indigenous land agency and local biocultural ceremonial protocols to connect the dots between degraded areas and effective interventions.

To achieve this in part and as an extension of other project activities, Mambo Heritage will plant 2 million trees in 12 months. Transparent, scalable, and open-source forest monitoring and carbon financing are the guiding pillars of this initial phase. Browse projects


Our partners are thematically and geographically relevant to the interventions we aim to execute in all our projects. We collaborate with: Private actors who provide practical know-how and varied resources; Knowledge institution’s for their vast expertise and scientific substantiation; Public actors who give a long-term perspective and play a regulatory role and; Community-Based Organization (CBO), Preservation advocates, and Community Development Groups that can anchor our efforts and boost lasting adoption.


  • Mambo Heritage is measuring its 4 pillars of resilience, connectivity, solidarity and sustainability against the regenerative human process as a condition. The global and localized status quo around sustainability is without a collective adoption, this is mainly due to the inadequacy of equity around the market society versus the market economy. ...

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